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I Love it Here.

A lot has changed since my last post! Let me give you a quick recap on my life adventures before I get to the advice and style.

I am currently and recently moved into my own studio apartment which is located right by my job. I bit the bullet and practically moved myself in. I am very proud of that. My place is almost ready for company and I will have a little house warming party in the next couple of weeks. Pictures of my place to come.

Next on the list I got a promotion at my job. I started working for Shinola in August and I have already made a switch from the leather factory to the dial printing factory. (We are literally building it from the ground up!)

I am so happy to be a part of this new team. I was very sad to leave the leather factory though. In such short time I have never bonded with as many people as I did there. Never in such short time have I connected so deeply with a person, let alone an entire factory of people. I wish we were all going to my new job. Shinola has brough…

Craft Value.

I am an artist. 
I have always known this about myself.
Art is something I will never give up on because I was Born To Do It. More than ever it is important to work with your talents, to never give up on your passion because it is the reason you live and breathe. While people forget the importance of art or exploit it, do your job to get better, surpass the bullshit that attempts to shape your essence. Art is easily looked over but these are the things that document our time here and reach deep into our hearts & minds to help us think, understand, or learn something new, artists are underestimated... 
For now.

Reverse the perception. Realize the world needs artists. We are the people who shape the world, keep it colorful, keep it stylish. We are the reason people go out on weekends. We are the reason people get inspired. We inspire each other. We inspire the world. We are a community of inverted thinkers and culture shifters. While the media tries to shape the perception of the w…

Never Loud Enough.

The Music, the colors, the light, the love, it's never loud enough.

I am obsessed with all of the things I mentioned above and there never seems to be enough of any of them in life. At any given time I have at least 3 songs stuck in my head like the one below.

I have been obsessed with this song for a while. Tinashe has some powerful lyrics and a fantastic voice. This remix is near perfect. Tinashe is an artist I respect a lot for being herself in what she makes from dancing in her music videos to directing them! I would say she is a well rounded artist and this is why she inspires me so much. 

I love colors but I love weird bright colors. I love to match strange colors together like complements or ones that look inverted. This look I noticed the colors look inverted. The olive green and mustart yellow are similar to the inverse of the purple dots in my pants.

Along with funky colors I play a lot with the line between men's and women's clothing. To me the differences are h…

Just Don't Get it Yet.

Pass me something sharp so I can tear up the mainstream seam. Open your eyes so you don't become the meme. Open your mouth to say exactly what you mean. Yours or mine, it doesn't matter because we play for the same team. I see how they systematically rip up the scene. Penetrate your mind deeper than your dreams. Quick wake up! I'll show you how to spot the scheme. 
To all the punk ass nay sayers who do nothing but try to bring down life's true players; I see how you are scared. Broken eyes, slouching posture, you can't make it up these stairs because you need mental repairs. Your fear is expressed more than you think to share. Not looking into yourself to find the gold already there. Don't mind when you stare because it means your ass is glued to the systems chair. Looking from me to you, quick to compare while feeding me some story about how life isn't fair. The imposter in you stinks in the air. 
To anyone struggling to be themselves in a world where negati…