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The Equinox AND A Full Moon - HOW EXCITING

This post is based on and inspired by the Full Moon Astral Insights Reading for September 24/25 2019’s illumination from

Every time I get a new e-mail about the moon from Mystic Mama, it is a reminder of what I am already working with in my life. Some things are absolutely universal. Universal in a way that we can all read it but it means something completely different to each and every one of us but it gives us insight to the inner workings of our lives. Understanding everything through the eyes of love is the only way we can come together as a new multi-cultural community. We have to stop and listen to everything around us. Listen to your neighbors- the people around you - everyone speaks. Listen to the world- sounds are all around telling us a story. The Moon and The Sun are communicating with us too. I don’t know what it is about the moon but she makes me speak my dreams.

Last winter I laid out in a snow covered yard under a full moon surrounded by gusty wind and wi…