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We Have To Save Art-Selves

It's up to us.
We have to save humanity.
Humanity will be saved with creativity.
Not rigidness.
Not fear.
Not hate.
Not politics.
Not religion.

The ONLY way we can overcome this hate storm is with expression.
The freedom to express ourselves.
We have to express ourselves.
We have to listen to people express themselves.
We have to look for the deeper meaning in the expressions around us.

Stop taking things personally.
You are you.
They are them.
No one knows you the way you know yourself.
The people around you don't know your situation.
What's going on in your life is your life, no one else's.
You don't know everyone the way you know yourself.
You have to listen.
You have to process what is being said.
You have to think about what you want to say.

Sometimes you have to just listen.
Or walk away.
Give a hug.
Say sorry.
We help each other feel better.
We have to CARE abo…

Self Esteem \ Confidence / Positive Self Talk

I recently had the opportunity to teach a workshop with Girls Rock Detroit during a summer camp session. When I was presented the opporunity my mind went active with ideas. What would some one like me teach to a group of 16 young girls? I didn't want to focus necessarily on music or anything music related. I wanted to think of some universal truth to work on. That is when I remembered a motif in my work that I know humanity struggles with. A topic we all struggle with from time to time.  Confidence.
Self Esteem.
Positive Self Talk.There were short lived moments of doubt when I finally found a theme for the workshop.
Who am I to teach self esteem and confidence to kids?
When I asked myself this question the answer was a no brainer.I work with people on their self esteem, confidence, and self talk anytime I do a photo session. These sessions always benefit my self esteem and confidence. Lately I've been doubting my images. I love photo sessions so much because I get to be around inc…

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

How do you know when it’s time to move on?
I’ve been assessing my entire demeanor and the people I keep around. I do this because I want to keep growing. It’s hard to look within yourself and see yourself from the outside at the same time. All I wish to achieve is being the best me I can while giving off as much good energy as possible. If I am constantly growing and changing I won’t get stagnant. I don’t want to stay the same. My foundation is strong but there is so much more we are capable of. I don’t want to flat line at 26.  As I’ve continued to evolve most beings I considered ‘friends’ have weeded themselves out. I am alone most of the time and I am fine with that. I am focused on my craft and my profession. There isn’t time for distractions or confusion. It wasn’t hard work but it is emotionally draining. I really cared about these people but soon realized they didn’t care much about me and it is too much work to care for people who don’t even love themselves. Negativity is infect…