We Have To Save Art-Selves

It's up to us.
We have to save humanity.
Humanity will be saved with creativity.
Not rigidness.
Not fear.
Not hate.
Not politics.
Not religion.

The ONLY way we can overcome this hate storm is with expression.
The freedom to express ourselves.
We have to express ourselves.
We have to listen to people express themselves.
We have to look for the deeper meaning in the expressions around us.

Stop taking things personally.
You are you.
They are them.
No one knows you the way you know yourself.
The people around you don't know your situation.
What's going on in your life is your life, no one else's.
You don't know everyone the way you know yourself.
You have to listen.
You have to process what is being said.
You have to think about what you want to say.

Sometimes you have to just listen.
Or walk away.
Give a hug.
Say sorry.
We help each other feel better.
We have to CARE about each other.
Even when we DON'T WANT TO.
Just know the only reason you DON'T
Want to care about others...
Is because you are SELFISH.
And you probably neglect yourself too.

We have to RESPOND.
NOT react.

Beyond this initial point, we need to support one another.
We need to encourage one another to keep going.
Go to your friends art show.
Go to your cousins play.
Go out and enjoy the progression of artists and creativity.
Creatives need support.
We NEED your help.
Even if it's just showing up to a show.
Get out and do it.
You can inspire people to keep going.
Give the person you supported a word or two of encouragement.
Tell them to keep going.

On the topic of supporting one another. I went to see a band the other night at this GREAT venue. The band is Graham the Empire. They are this fantastic three piece from Indiana. You should absolutely go see them if you ever get the chance. They rock the house! I got to the venue Down River of Detroit but NO ONE is there. NO ONE. There is the typical family type group supporting the first band but there is NO ONE at this bar. It's a Saturday night and Graham the Empire is playing for a room of no one. It is daunting how our music scene is not getting the support it deserves. It is insane that a venue with an awesome bar and cool lighting is EMPTY on a Saturday night.

This is a scenario I've seen at this same exact venue twice!!

When I began photography I was documenting live performances of bands. When I went to college in 2010 I completely stopped doing this. When I graduated in 2014 it was like the entire music scene was dead. I feel personally responsible for destroying good music all over. Maybe it was supposed to happen this way but I hope some actually great music can still come out of this generic by choice country.

Is it just me or did GOOD music become harder to listen to and find as these apps and softwares like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Sound Cloud popped up then started charging for their services? Do musicians care about music any more? Why does it feel like I can't break through this wall of internet garbage?


Real music and performers are out in your community doing it. Living breathing artists are out here performing their sad hearts out to venues and basically no one because we are too glued to our seats and face threads to get off our asses. We have to get out and save music, ourselves, and every musician whose heart is dying because there are no real people out here any more. Every person really. We have to cheer each other on! We have to support one another. We can't be scared of one another. We have to be courageous. Put ourselves out there. Like it's not hard to show up to a performance or art show. Think how the people who get on stage feel. They are likely going to be judged by the entire room. It's like putting your bare heart on a pedestal and asking the room to give you a high five. The artists are showing up. We are out here. Waiting for you.


I know what I put into my work. I WAIT for the day some one wants to talk about how I created a piece or what I was thinking when I made something. These things we do are interesting. Look at something from far away. Look at something up close. Look at a piece from the side. Think about what it makes you feel. What are you thinking of? Does it bring back a memory? Does it make you imagine something? Take you somewhere?

It is interesting to know what you think feel and see at these art shows. We need to communicate with one another without judgement. We want to stop feeling judged? Well lets stop judging ourselves and we will stop feeling judged by others. Be patient with one another. If we are on this path together it is important we stand our ground when something is wrong or doesn't sit well with us. There are also times when we need to display our heart and give love which is most of the time. All of the time we can act with love but being patient with one another goes a long way.

Okay so you are thinking going out is expensive.
Damn it's so true.
I make little to no extra money for fun things.
I want to get out more but it's like I can't even pay to get in.
A lot of times guest lists are sick but I still feel bad I can't buy a cd or some art from the people I go out and support.
There are a lot of free shows still.
We have to keep that kind of party alive.
Free parties are bomb.
The artists make more money and if the venue is smart it's selling food to hungry customers.
Putting on a good event is just as important as people coming out to support.
There has been a lot of lame ass parties.
The venue space plays a huge role in how people feel.
We want to feel safe when out.
We want to feel accepted for who we are.
We want to trust that the music will be good.
The food needs to be good.
Can we bring our families here.
The entertainment needs to be inclusive.

Our entire money system is out of wack. We are forcing people to pay for things that keep pesky businesses open. We can't think because these entities want us to constantly think about them so we never stop paying them. These old ass industries are trying so hard to feel relevant it is killing us.

How Do We Save Art and Our Selves?
We never give up


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