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More weird weather! It was about 60 degrees today and it rained all day.


Photo Update 4

Here are some black and white shots that have been collecting in my folder! Enjoy!



It has been some kind of strange weather around here over the last 24 hours. Let me describe it to you... First yesterday out of nowhere I just starts hella snowing for a couple of hours then later that night it just starts pouring rain. After it stopped raining everything froze over, so when I went to bed my windows were all covered in a sheet of ice. When I woke up this morning for classes, the ice was gone, the snow all melting and the temperature was pretty warm. I hear tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 60 degrees. SO WEIRD.
I am ready for spring. 


My best friend from high school turned 21 this week end! I drove out to Lansing, Michigan to spend some time with her! It has been a long time since I have seen this gorgeous lady and it was a blast to see her place, meet her roommates and bond a little with some high school friends.

This week end was crazy! I started in Ann Arbor drove to Kalamazoo, lansing then back to Ann Arbor for work Sunday morning. It is safe to say I miss my family and my dogs in Kalamazoo but I wish they were all in the city I love, Detroit. I will get there eventually.

Stay posted!



My beautiful mother and the Sheriff of our county. There are a lot of things to be said about this photograph that aren't necessarily visually represented. 
First thing is first, my mother is an exceptionally amazing woman. She is a wife, a mother, a mentor, an artist, an innovator, an inspiration, my hero, a life changer, a go getter, the list could go on for days so let me just tell you one reason why. Our world is a very dark and scary place for adults, now just imagine being a child born into it. As grown ups we have previous experience and knowledge that help us through the world starting with our basic education and beyond. We couldn't get to the place we are now without that background and parents to mentor us to that place. You might be able to imagine where I am going with this but if you can't, here it is on the table place and simple. 
Children today are being exploited.
In order to combat the ways children are being exploited my mother has started a non-profit…





I have lots of thoughts today but the one most prevalent is that life is really, really hard some times. Everything builds up easily seeming to have control over your life because a lot of different factors pull us in every different way. Some times it feels like too much to handle, decisions, paths, work before play, love, trust, family, friends... the list can continue for pages and pages. Our brains are constantly multitasking, thinking of a thousand things at once my brain hurts or sounds like a bunch of static! When I start to feel this way I have to write lists, creatively write, and take long walks or showers to collect my thoughts.

Other than the conclusion that life is hard, I also decided that life is one large collaboration. I mentioned before that the people in our lives, any and everyone we meet have some kind of impact on us; that is how I understand life as a collaboration. We couldn't do all we do without the help or support of others we know. Collaborating with p…




HAPPY LONG WEEK END! Today is the launch of my weird food blog where I highlight the weird recipes that I make. It will be updated once a month with some of the most amazing weird recipes I can think of! Be on the look out for the link.


Pick up the phone!

You're Gone





16/365 RIP Shaun Jackson

So my picture for today isn't anything special or crazy but I think some times words need to say more than the picture. Recently there was a death to the Art and Architecture family here at the University of Michigan. I unfortunately never had the chance to take a class taught by him or even the pleasure of meeting him but my heart still aches and goes out to the people who knew him. I can feel that the world, school, and his family have lost a wonderful, influential man to an uncontrollable circumstance.

Death is a tricky subject because while it is a very traumatic, saddening experience, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the people we lose. The reality of death is that death is real and if you have not yet been touched by it you inevitable will be. It is important to grieve in this process but we have to remember not to stop every thing in our lives for too long.

I have a funny way of thinking about death which I know is shared. I believe that the people we lose have their …


I didn't think I had any usable material for my photo today but this one stole my heart in the end. While I was wasting my time in my jewelry class I popped my head into the weaving part of the fibers studio. My good friend Alana who also did a Semester in Detroit with me spring 2012 to my surprise was in the studio! I stopped to talk to her for a while and was quickly distracted by the beautiful morning light shining into the room of looms through the windows. My original intention was to catch the morning light shining in on the looms but I couldn't get the shot I liked so I moved to other subjects. This is the result.
On a quick side note! I am going to start doing monthly challenges with this project in order to push myself to do better more exciting work and gain some technical skills. Be on the look out for that, I think I will start that next month. 


Today has been full of really exciting things! I am even more energized by the classes I am taking right now than I was last week after the first session. Nothing could weigh me down right now and I plan to ride this energy until the end of my college career. I hope some of you, if any one is out there reading this, pick up on my energy and can feed off if it too.
So last night it rained and then got SUPER cold outside, so every thing on the ground was frozen. 

I can't decide if I like the color one or the BW one better but have a look this is what the ground looked like today. :] -M


Today was not inspiring for me. I spent a lot of time at work and then when I got home I did a LOAD of home work which is what I am still working on. This is my un-interesting photo of the day. I can't say I'm proud of this one but I know I won't be inspired and photographic everyday this year so please take it easy.



I just realized I posted my picture to facebook but not to my blog! I apologize!



Updated, edited photos from my last shoot in Detroit. I tried some new editing skills so let me know if you have any thoughts. STAY WARM


Photo Update 3!





Yesterday marked the second day of classes for me. This is my last semester as a Junior at the University of Michigan school of Art and Design. One of the classes I am taking this semester is public art and urban intervention. In this class the professor decided to instead of using the white board or the chalk board, wrote on the windows.




Chalked Cafe

So Monday Melania and I started a project for Commons Cafe which is right up stairs from where we work normally as baristas. Here are a couple quick progress shots from that. Today we chalked a couple fruits and veggies on the first panel.We will be embellishing these a little more over the next couple days but this is our start! We have two other panels to finish. 



The sky this evening was mind blowing and this was the only place I had the opportunity to capture it. I wish I got a shot of my drive home from here though!

It has been an absolute whirl wind of a last couple of days so let me be brief and I will give posts specific to the projects that I have been working on. They really deserve their own space!

Tomorrow marks the first day of classes for this semester and I am really nervous. I probably won't be sleeping that well tonight.

Stay tuned for photo updates and project updates!




Today was a travel day. I am back in Ann Arbor getting my sleep schedule and mind focused on school. My buddy Tre and I have been working on some drawing and canvases since I got home. I am super tired and not feeling to well at the moment. If you look in the back ground you can see my basil plant died while I was on vacation. :[ I gave her some water and hopefully she will perk right back up for me but who knows! A photo update is soon to come and of coarse more writing, I just haven't felt inspired lately. I will keep up with the photos though. Have a good night and I'll be back tomorrow!


If you find my mother you are bound to find a little yellow lab not too far behind or right under foot. Yankee is my other dog, isn't he cute?

Maybe some writing later tonight. but I am not certain about it. I feel a little tired and I am working on thank you notes from the holidays.


Coldly Collected Thoughts

I love the quality of light in the winter time, it feels so romantic and rich, especially at sunset. The sun gleams a lovely orange tone and the shadows created are a complementing gray blue. The angle of the sun as it goes down elongates and darkens replicas of everything it touches. 
Light is a wonderful thing, but while I was walking through the woods I caught a glimpse of the sun at the top of the hill. I just walked down about half way when my eye caught the shadow of a tree on the ground. Letting my eyes follow the long line across the snow covered ground to the source of the shadow and then to the sun.  I wondered metaphorically if it is possible for people to completely lose sight of light. More specifically is it possible for an artist to lose their source of light or do we simply lose the will or imagination to create?
But what really made me start thinking, was a plant sticking out of the ground that at a certain angle, with the light source behind the dried leaves glowed …


Today I have been thinking about light. This is a normal thought for me but today I went into a deeper concentration on it. The image above is the first thing I saw this morning. When I woke up I saw a stripe of light stream across the floor that just barely illuminated the hallway. More writing about lighting later tonight. I have a long one for you!
Keep warm.

Photo Update 2

Here are some photos I thought were interesting from the week. I am trying this thing where I take my camera with me every where instead of just leaving it at home or instagraming.