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Happy Thanksgiving!

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving but I would like to wish you the best on this holiday and everyday after. I like to Look deeper at Thanksgiving's role in our lives. It is a time to recenter and be close with your family. Spending time with your family, blood and not, is very important. It is important to spend time with family because they are who spend the most time bringing you up. I recently realized how I need to see my family or I get off balance.  

I was raised in a house of 6 people so I am used to having loved ones around and lots of them. Living by myself has made me adjust my daily routine. It can be a weird feeling not being close to your family when that's how you grew up. If you are used to being around your loved ones and aren't all the time, make sure you make time to be with them. Life is short and your loved ones need to know how you feel. Vice Versa. If there are people in your life you care about, make sure you tell them!

For the Holiday I went up nor…

Turn the Table

The other day I held the door for a police officer who courtiously mumbled "thank you sir" to which I responded "you're welcome!". I looked back at him to see if he would notice; haha nope!
I continued walking while laughing off his mistake.
Life isn't that serious.
This kind of thing happens to me more than you may think. It's not offensive to me because I know who and what I am but I do find it interesting. I find the concept of perception very interesting. I get mistaken for a guy a lot. It just seems like people don't really know what they are looking at any more. The labels are becoming rediculous and deadly. 
I don't think what happened to me is a bad thing until people are treated unethically or inequitably because of their appearance. There are obviously differences between people but that does not make one or the other more valuable than the other. We are all doing different things and should be able to do so. We need everyone for the world…

Be the Truth.

Last post I spoke a lot about listening to yourself to make the best decisions for you. I would like to piggy back off that idea now.
The next big step is to speak your mind. Be honest! Be straight up. 
No one will know how you feel if you don't speak up. Yes this can be hard at times but one thing I don't like is when people assume anything about me or how I feel.  This is only a problem if you aren't comfortable speaking your mind or don't know how to clearly communicate your thoughts. We all struggle with this but that doesn't mean we can't do it!
Do yourself a huge favor.
Speak your mind.
Speak your truth. 

Make sure the people you care about know you care and how you care. Make sure you speak up when something is hurtful to you. Speak up when you have an idea. Speak up when you think some one looks amazing. Speak up when you need some one to talk to. Speak up. When you need a little help, speak up. 
It can be hard to speak up at first but once you put it into pra…

Feel Better.

I am absolutely obsessed with this song. I am pleasantly surprised by how alive Willow Smith is and she speaks the truth. I feel like Willow perfectly captures raw emotion and put it into every element of the song. 
Listen.  Feel better.  Get Empowered.  Get Super Charged.

It is hard to be an emotional person. When you are in tune with your emotions you can tune into others emotions. This is where things can get cmplicated. Emotions are often associated with feelings and feelings are full of different kinds of energy. Energy, like in science, can be transfered from one person or thing to another. Intentionally and unintentionally. What I am trying to say is at a certain level of knowing yourself you enter a different level of conscoiusness where you can feel the people and world around you.  
When you think and feel outside of yourself it is important to make sure you know about it. This is so you can protect yourself from things and people trying to enter your conscious and subconscious. Y…

Contrast to the Contrary.

Good Evening! It has been a peaceful weekend in contrast to my busy week. I started the weekend by supporting two of my friends who are DJ's. It was great to see Future Focus and Holographic playing together because they are a dynamic duo. I danced the whole time. 
After work on Friday I stopped by the grocery store to get some lemons and limes for a steam sinus flush later and got my eye brows done. It is amazing the contrast in your face after not having your brows donw for a while. 
When I got home I spent the rest of my evening pampering myself,  First I bowled a pot of water with two lemons cut and squeezed into it. I cut up another two lemons and queezed them into a medium sized mixing bowl.  Once the water with lemon comes to a bowl pour it into the mixing bowl and add a couple drops of lavender oil to the mix. Grab a hand towl. Wrap it around your head and the bowl then start breathing slowly but deeply. Do this for about 10-15 minutes. Let the steam relax you and clear your…

Up To You Now.

For the last two weeks at new job my cowroker Rory and I were trained by a group from Taiwan. They have been training us on their precision manual pad printing and screen printing. The day before everyone left we went out to a traditional Chinese restaurant in Sterling Heights. Rory and I were challenged to eat a chicken foot. We accepted and it wasn't so bad! I thought it was pretty tasty! I have been pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the restaurants we found. 

Thursday before their trek back home we celerated their visit over dinner. I made a piece of jewelry for the women we worked with to remember us by and to say thank you. Their time with us was invaluable and I can't explain the amount of information we learned in two weeks about more than just dial printing. It is up to us now to make the dials for Shinola based on the teaching we just had. 

Again, I made some amazing friends through work. Rory and I were invited to visit them next year so I plan to learn some …

Fall Back. Daylight Savings.

Well, I guess we will be seeing snow some time soon in the midwest. It's getting cold and with daylight savings, its dark around 6pm. Sounds like winter to me. 

I started at the dial factory for Shinola last week. I am really loving the new job. I am learning a lot of relevant to my career information which excites me. I seem to be picking up the information quick enough. Another coworker and I are being trained by a group of dial prodessionals from Tawain. I found the language barrier to be less stressful when we can speak with our gestures but I plan to pick up some mandrin before the training is over. We were invited out to visit their factory some time next year and I hope this actually happens!

I am being trained most closely by Cho. She is a professional screen printer and a fantastic teacher. I have learned so quickly about her process that I was able to print 61 dials today with only one of them failing her inspections. This made me happy and brought a smile to her face. My …