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Vantage Point

Hello from planet Megan LaCroix! We have recently been blessed with a great amount of creative energy. A lot of things in our lives and the world are shifting around. I love this time of year because with it comes change and change is good. I think during the holidays we do much needed self assessing, prioritizing, and focusing while with our loved ones. It makes going back to the real world so much clearer. 
Winter is a time for looking inward. Don't be upset that you're looking deep into yourself. Learn and get better. Grow.

I have been focusing very deeply on my career as an artist. I am determined to have atleast three shows of my work in 2015 and find a metals studio so I can return to the craft of jewelry making. I miss my metal work the most. Just like developing film and prints, the care of begining to end processes are intoxicating. It becomes an obsession. Your hands... all knowing. Your mind, inspired. 
This is why I love my job at the dial factory. Not only am I maste…