Vantage Point

Hello from planet Megan LaCroix! We have recently been blessed with a great amount of creative energy. A lot of things in our lives and the world are shifting around. I love this time of year because with it comes change and change is good. I think during the holidays we do much needed self assessing, prioritizing, and focusing while with our loved ones. It makes going back to the real world so much clearer. 

Winter is a time for looking inward. Don't be upset that you're looking deep into yourself. Learn and get better. Grow.

I have been focusing very deeply on my career as an artist. I am determined to have atleast three shows of my work in 2015 and find a metals studio so I can return to the craft of jewelry making. I miss my metal work the most. Just like developing film and prints, the care of begining to end processes are intoxicating. It becomes an obsession. Your hands... all knowing. Your mind, inspired. 

This is why I love my job at the dial factory. Not only am I mastering a fine craft but using my hands and creative abilities to support myself. It is very satisfying to know my talents are respected and valued in one respect or another.

The more reflection I do the more I realize how important my childhood is to who I am today. I think a key component to true self knowledge is being in touch with your inner child. We get older but we are all grown up children. Let your fears and doubts of getting old fall away. Embrace your inner youth and be yourself. 

Curiousity is a beautiful thing. Don't forget your child like wonder when you leave home. Life gets better every day and I plan to enjoy it as much as possible.

Embrace yourself for everything you are. Work on what you wish to work on, continue forward with what you already love. Know deeper than your mistakes that life is a work in progress and you can't fail if you are always learning. Be confident with your ability and right to communicate. 

I have been on a creative spree and going out to events too! I got new memory cards for my camera and haven't been able to put it away. It feels good to have my vision back. Forget glasses!

I have been surrounded and working with so many inspiring people. It is hard not to make things and be inspired. What I love is that I have the best network of friends. After 23 years of traveling, I finally feel like I made it home. This is the place I was meant to be. Not too long ago this was an idea that I would day dream about. I could not be more thankful for the people in my life and the ways they inspire me. What an honor to be here.

My reflections in this cold weather have been on my thankfulness for people in my life. I want to thank you all by achieving the highest goals I put in front of myself and helping you do the same. I am so thankful for the strength of the community around me has built bringing me such positivity. Such vision. Such Purpose. There is no doubt in my mind. We will all make it. Just never give up and help others when you can. Support is crucial in any community. 

I am looking forward to the rest of thjis holiday season and the new year. 2015 is a year that will bring great success across the boards. We will dive deeper into that closer to the time. For now enjoy the riches of warmth in your heart for the holidays. Reflect on yourself and your ideas. Drown out the thinking and hear your thoughts clear. 


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