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A Solstice Prayer

Yup! I Deleted Social Media!

Fuck it!

A few weeks ago to deleted my Facebook and Instagram. 

I can not tell you how stressed out I was trying to get interactions from 'Friends' online. 
There is something about social media that makes me sick. 
I genuinely enjoy the company of people but the internet has groomed this anti-social, flakey, insecure side into everyone who uses it. 
It disgusts me. 
I've become so lonely over the past five years. 
I miss having friends in my real time life instead of always looking for them to like or comment on my posts. 

I've gone back and forth with the social media monster but this time I am completely off it. 
When it all boils down, I've been starting my business for many years but social media has brought me fewer real life clients and has cut off all in person friendships. 
I became so jaded and sad, all I wanted was to be alone. 
I partly blame a recent friend divorce. 
I lived with a person for multiple years who completely played me for…

It's Time To Reflect

It's time to reflect on your life, your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. 
Take a moment every day to observe yourself.
Who are you?
Who do you aspire to be?
What do you want to accomplish?
What do you want to change?
Make sure you recognize your internal monologue.
Your tone should be one of self care and self love. 
Use a voice of reason in order to uplift yourself. 
Avoid self destructive habits.
Notice how you give yourself feedback and critique. 

This months Power Path monthly forecast gave us a wonderful phrase to meditate on while we reflect on ourselves. 

"There is always enough time"

And there is. 
You have the power to change, learn and grow.
The most critical aspect of accomplishing goals is to persevere with persistence by giving yourself enough time.
When you look at your life as a bigger picture, you realize there's nothing but time.
Especially to develop your ability to adapt and change. 

As you take the time to reflect on yourself as a whole start to plan for …

Spring Full Moon

Spring is here with a full moon.

This is an incredible time for balancing both your feminine and masculine energy. This balance creates harmony inside your being and out in the world. 

The sun is shifting into full effect through a seasonal change to spring.  The sun is a symbol for masculine energy.  The same day we see a full moon in the sky and receive her great energy. The moon is a symbol of feminine energy. These two powerful energies are uniting for the impressive influential change we need to grow. Take full advantage of this time. We've been given a growth spurt! Just taking five minutes to reflect on where you want to go will help. 

These two symbols are most vibrant right now in an interesting and inspiring alignment of the sky.  We look to the sun and moon for answers and protection.  I often soak my spirit in sun energies and speak my intentions to the mother moon. The important aspect of this illumination is to tap into your focus. Bring it all together with a solid confid…

Internal Star Power, Crystal Energy, and Applying Yourself

Believe it or not we are all made of the same things deep down.  As animals alive on this miraculous planet we need the same basic things to maintain life. What makes us unique is how all of these elements build and form together as your statuesque being. When it comes down to it, we are all exactly like snow flakes crystalized by the environment. Not one is alike, with intricate inspiring details. Our lives are not commodities to be bought and sold for next to nothing. Our lives are rare and magnificent miraculous phenomenon in our expansive universe. 

All life forms are. 
It's important to acknowledge it.
It's important to know and believe it. 

From plant life to our atmosphere, everything is alive. We are blessed with the ability to perceive these different forms of life with our highly developed senses and consciousness. Every single human life is a miracle. I am here to help us all see it that way. We are made from the energy of the stars, so we are stars ourselves. 

Imagine w…

People Ask Me All The TIme

What’s your favorite thing you do?
I never have an answer. As far as a favorite medium, I can not pick. I love all the different ways I express myself and have cultivated a plethora of professional skills. All these skills inspire creativity bringing color and vibrance to our lives. Creativity is inherent in the human experience.
I think about that question all the time and I try to answer it but I just can’t! Looking back at my experiences, I can say my favorite aspect of what I do is collaborating with people. No matter the medium or level of creativity, it’s the work that involves others that moves me the most. From music videos to custom wearables, the ability to manifest other people’s vision or create something that makes them feel good is the food of my life force. I would not be where I am today without every soul that I’ve created with. Those projects and pieces are part of who I am.
What’s my favorite thing I do? After some long time reflection, my favorite thing I do is work fo…

Citrine Tangerine Debut Collection - Wooden Bamboo Motif

Citrine Tangerine Jewelry is made with precious stones and beads from all over the world. I design each piece using color, shape, and pattern then I wrap the beads into vibrant brass wire chains. 
These pieces of jewelry are designed to connect with the wearer, enhancing their personal energy. When you try Citrine jewelry on you fall in love. Then with a closer look you realize the details in every bead are unique just like you! The colors and sparkle of the beads attract attention from a distance.
Our intuition guides us to find the stones we need to enhance our lives. Citrine Tangerine Jewelry comes with a crystal energy reading. Every variety of stone has a different frequency and vibration emitting from its minerals. A crystal energy reading gives you an in depth look into the properties of the stones, symbols, and colors in your piece.
The name Citrine Tangerine is a name I am called by close friends. I decided because the jewelry is so personal, the name of my designs need that ele…