Photo Recap - LONG BEACH, CA - Summer Evolution

Craig Passed Out! 

Selfie upon arrival!

Impromptu Photo shoot at the storage unit.

Matching shoes for our gym affairs!

Day one at Disney.
Isn't Craig so cute!

This roller coaster is fabulous.

Let's play keep the sucker away!

My favorite family in the world!

The baby boy!


Light the sage fire.

Charge the crystals

Beautiful palm trees!

I highly recommend you stop in this place!

Fabulous snake sculptures on crystal landscapes.

Day two at Disney! The incredacoaster is so fun!

This is a massive pile of theatre trash spotted after watching the latest Lion King.

A view from our seat of a coffee spot we dropped into.

We had so much delicious coffee in LBC. 
Look how cute these pins are!

Beautiful day and architecture.

Palm trees!!

A view from one of our sunset beach walks.

The Nash Roll at our favorite local sushi spot in LBC.


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