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Happy Easter! I hope you all ate some delicious food :]



The hypocracy that is college.



I thought about hopping on as the cars floated slowly by.
They seemed so majestic and full of potential.
The roar of steel boxes roaming the country
I imagine the wind on my face
Watching the landscape moving around me




It is the week before Easter Sunday and the kids from Head Start got to dye eggs! How adorable!


So I am back here again.
Pondering life and death.
How temporary we all are.
This post goes out
to a friend, artist, and peer
that passed this week.

When a soul leaves this precious world
you can hear its hollow cry.
I knew it
I felt it today
but not until recently
understood why.

This is what I know
Death is a part of life
but when it comes so early
that is what gives me a scare
like why did it have to be you
so my heart begins to tear.
what spills out
are a bunch of desperate thoughts

tell me your ideas
did not die with you
tell me all your thoughts
Did not die with you
tell me all your dreams
did not die with you
tell it all.
I want to know

I would search through the pages
to manifest them just like you wanted.
We are nothing but our ideas
So I will bring you back to us that way.

I could feel you slip away
because a part of me was gone.
Or was it more present?
a part of you is alive
in all of the people you touched
in every piece you made.


It was truly an honor to know and work…


Napping on G-MODE.



The family and I spend the week end in Detroit watching the last year of the CCHA champion ships at the Joe Louis Arena. GO BLUE! This is a photo of our hotel room in the Renaissance Center my family is looking at the view of Canada and Detroit. 



This is pipey, my really good friend Melania's kitty.



So I got really bored and did a binge lookbook shoot in my bedroom. Here is one look I wore of a dress I got from my great grandmother who recently passed away.


So in my Pubic Art and Urban Intervention class we wrote a mock proposal for a piece of temporary or permanent piece of art in the Ann Arbor area then we presented our ideas on power points to the arts council at city hall. 
This is my really close friend Stevon who has experience with public art and does a phenomenal amount of community work in all of his free time. Stevon and I met through Semester in Detroit and since then we have always been up to something. If you haven't met him on campus you are bound to find him doing a performance piece or helping kids express themselves in anyway they need. Be on the look out for him because he is changing the world one child at a time.


I got a little impulsive and just shaved all my hair off. What do we think?

I have always wanted to do it!



Working with the kids from Bibleway II through the Head Start program. Every time I am with kids I fall farther in love.



I found a relaxing spot with trains. There is just some feeling I get when I am around these still cars that makes me feel comforted.



This day should go down in history. I have been behind the scenes plotting a very important project that took a pretty large step forward after a meeting in this down town Detroit studio with a design couple that goes by Middlecott. That is just about all the info I can tell at this point but be on the look out for some thing very BIG coming from me and a couple collaborators end of summer.



Sorry I have been lagging a little bit! This is a good friend of mines new band that is touring called Super Cute and well there is nothing else to say than they are SUPER CUTE! A group of talented young ladies. I have always wished I had the guts to start or join a band that went on tour but it still hasn't happened but be on the look out. You never quite know what I will be up to next. I can be QUITE impulsive.





My girl Morgan and I made blue berry lime chicken. Yum yum!




Koller Baller

Did some work for a buddy of mine who has taken up being a DJ! Here is a mix and the photo I made to accompany it! 


coffee stop

We sit here, still or seemingly motionless
while the city moves around us.
Slow motion sipping a coffee.
Just warm and sweet enough to drink right up.
The warmth lingers on my lips
in a similar way the back light of the sun illuminates your frame.
A giant window with a backdrop,
A man running across the street, 2 bikers and some 20 cars go by in an instant.
While we sit quietlyy, calmly,
writing or lost in our minds.
In the window is eternal slow motion
and only when we choose to step back out will we return.
One sweet thought to another trickle down your head
to your hand to be written where it counts.
A couple men doing construction just left of your head
remind me of the way our thoughts are built up to letter spread across the page.
A steady flow of thought.
The wood table littered with our trash,
cups filled with coffee, food mostly finished, the fork placed neatly on a napkin..
A glance from the outside in,
or is it the opposite.
Where are you going?
Why did we catch your atten…


I have been working with some preschoolers this semester in my Empowering Families and Communities class. This time in the semester we are introducing a project to the classrooms of kids to start some interactive learning. My group of students have decided to do something science oriented because the administrators of our head start location said thats where the kids are struggling most in school. 
I think we can all remember a time when we were younger learning the concept of growing some thing. We are going to show the kids, with lima beans, how three simple elements can help something grow big and strong. 
Honestly I can't wait to see the sparkle in the kids eyes when the bean starts to sprout into something green and leafy. Photos of the project unfolding to come as it develops!


We are born
we live
then we die

From the earth we came
& back into it we go

From one thing
into another
we all grow



gloomy travel days



After being in NYC for a week I had to recuperate at the cottage with my family and dogs.






I tasty treat for my return to the midwest! That is Michigan Deer Trax dipped in chocolate.


Grand Central Station. Where are you going?

She rode the train for hours
Stop after stop
The people moved around her
She was still
Like a magic trick
People appeared next to her
And disappeared

She was in slow motion
But the world moved around her
Where are you going?
Our paths are intersecting
Although I don't know you
Nor do we interact
Just activating the same space

Am I supposed to talk to you?
If every one has something
To offer me
And vice versa
How am I supposed to know
If we never speak

We all have different channels
Different struggles
Different experiences
What if I break the stream
the path by speaking to you
Take a different direction

Are our paths predetermined
Or is life random?



If our paths are predetermined how can any one be lost?




Here you are, there you go.
Do you love me?
Who knows.
Love eludes me, I can't find it
in myself, another, a city, a hobby, nothing.
I stand cold alone.
A stone at the bottom of a swift river
A shiver running down my spine
from the winter chilled water

I want to touch you
and to be touched back.
I see the way you look at me
or am I misreading your kind eyes.
I am searching for some thing
what ever it is,
I want to share it all.

Where did I go?
We go?
The connection, the love
that nothing can fill but a person.
Talk to me.
I want to hear it all.
Now I am tired of listening
let me talk.
I want you to know my thoughts
the entire me.
Inside and out.



So I flew into NYC March 2nd pretty late that night so I grabbed some food to eat and headed to the place I was staying. The next day I was free to do what ever I wanted which suits me pretty well because I love to get lost that is how I discover things. So after wandering around Brooklyn for a little while I met up with the same friend who picked me up from the air port and he took me to Coney Island at the very bottom of New York City. 
After Hurricane Sandy, the area looked pretty intact which was nice, but there was a lot of large piles of sand on the beach and a couple devastated buildings. The weather was perfect! As you can see in the picture we had blue skies and some fluffy clouds. We walked the beach for a good 2-3 hours looking for beach glass and wandering out to the end of this old pier which as you can see was a little dangerous. The view was beautiful and I felt very at peace here. It was like I wasn't even in NYC, I was at the beach on one of the great lakes back …


Hello kitty!
This is my cousin Sage's cat. She is a very very strange kitty but strange in a good way. This is the night I arrived in Chicago from Ann Arbor while I was at my cousin's apartment. Isn't she precious?


WELL! I am back in the grand old Michigan. My trip was a whirl wind and I am currently looking through photos, editing. I did a lot of writing while on my travels so I will have some things to post with photos as I go through the last week and a half of photos. There are still lots and lots of things to process. Please forgive me now for not exactly knowing what to say. 
Here is a photo of my travels to Chicago on the train. I wish I had a photo of me running from my apartment to the station because that was quite a hike. I am sure I looked funny! If you did not know for my spring break I took the train to Chicago then flew into NYC for a week. So there are plenty more photos to share over the next couple of days! Be patient I will have them up in no time.