So I flew into NYC March 2nd pretty late that night so I grabbed some food to eat and headed to the place I was staying. The next day I was free to do what ever I wanted which suits me pretty well because I love to get lost that is how I discover things. So after wandering around Brooklyn for a little while I met up with the same friend who picked me up from the air port and he took me to Coney Island at the very bottom of New York City. 

After Hurricane Sandy, the area looked pretty intact which was nice, but there was a lot of large piles of sand on the beach and a couple devastated buildings. The weather was perfect! As you can see in the picture we had blue skies and some fluffy clouds. We walked the beach for a good 2-3 hours looking for beach glass and wandering out to the end of this old pier which as you can see was a little dangerous. The view was beautiful and I felt very at peace here. It was like I wasn't even in NYC, I was at the beach on one of the great lakes back at home or some thing.  

At one point I felt like I was in the beach scene from the book The Great Gatsby. I don't know why. So now I am going to reread the novel to put my finger on what I was feeling or maybe it was just deja vu from reading the book years ago. 

I am trying to catch you up on pictures as fast as I can but please be patient! talk to you soon and more writing to come!



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