Happy Thanksgiving!

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving but I would like to wish you the best on this holiday and everyday after. I like to Look deeper at Thanksgiving's role in our lives. It is a time to recenter and be close with your family. Spending time with your family, blood and not, is very important. It is important to spend time with family because they are who spend the most time bringing you up. I recently realized how I need to see my family or I get off balance.  

I was raised in a house of 6 people so I am used to having loved ones around and lots of them. Living by myself has made me adjust my daily routine. It can be a weird feeling not being close to your family when that's how you grew up. If you are used to being around your loved ones and aren't all the time, make sure you make time to be with them. Life is short and your loved ones need to know how you feel. Vice Versa. If there are people in your life you care about, make sure you tell them!

For the Holiday I went up north to the only place I call home. Home is a particular word to me because I have lived a lot of places. I find my true home to be the woods in central northern Michigan. This is the only place I've always known since birth. 

My family and friends mean the world to me and I would even say that I'd be nothing without them. As people we learn from watching each other over anything. This is why it's important to surround yourself with people you aspire to be like. This post is dedicated to everyone I have ever met, especially the people still in my life because you inspire me everday. I want to thank you for being yourself and working with me, teaching me all I know. You are the reason I do anything. I love you. 

I decided not to edit any of the photos taken today. I used to not believe in editing images because it takes away the integrity of your natural eye and the photo as it was taken. I have developed a natural editing style that I am comfortable with but have the urge to just post my unedited work constantly. Regaurdless, please enjoy these raw photos of my thanksgiving day. 

For this look I gathered some of the classic winter clothes from my family members. I threw a pair of wool snow pants on, matched with a red deer skin button up, my grandmothers old winter coat and a snap back from my grandfather. 

Photos of me by Robert LaCroix


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