Hello Gorgeous! I am back with my really great friend Melania again and we are up to our usual trouble. Today Mel and I drove around strange parts of Kalamazoo to find prime shooting locations. Normally when I shoot with Mel we do so for our lookbook pages which I will link at the end of this post! We took about 2 hours to shoot 3 outfits each. It was so cold outside it was like we were shooting pictures in high speed and boy were my feet frozen! 
Now that I am back at my house, I have all the photos from the 600 bunch picked out and I am slowly editing them as I sip some cheap tea out of a jar and half watch the second season of Portlandia. This is my favorite photo so far from the bunch but who knows how my opinion will change as I continue to look through them. 

Click the names for the lookbook profiles!

Megan  Melania

Until tomorrow or I feel so inclined to write some more!



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