The Equinox AND A Full Moon - HOW EXCITING

This post is based on and inspired by the Full Moon Astral Insights Reading for September 24/25 2019’s illumination from

Every time I get a new e-mail about the moon from Mystic Mama, it is a reminder of what I am already working with in my life. Some things are absolutely universal. Universal in a way that we can all read it but it means something completely different to each and every one of us but it gives us insight to the inner workings of our lives. Understanding everything through the eyes of love is the only way we can come together as a new multi-cultural community. We have to stop and listen to everything around us. Listen to your neighbors- the people around you - everyone speaks. Listen to the world- sounds are all around telling us a story. The Moon and The Sun are communicating with us too. I don’t know what it is about the moon but she makes me speak my dreams. 

Last winter I laid out in a snow covered yard under a full moon surrounded by gusty wind and wispy clouds. I left an imprint from my body in all four directions then threw some coins in the middle. I spoke my entire truth to the moon, the clouds even cleared and I had a clear view of the full moon. It’s light shined on me and I knew life would be fine. Better than fine.. Life is amazing. 

Let me share with you my writing after basking in all the full moons glory:

" how miraculous is this life
we live on a beautiful planet whose surface sustains our lives.
Thank you.

Thank you <3

smile because your love of self lets you do nothing but that. 

I love you

What purity the moon holds
what honesty
what grace
we will all rose & shine together because there is nothing else we can do.
we are born for this
i've known my power since birth but the distractions did not reach me.

in the face of fear I smiled
in the face of hate I laughed
for nothing could take away my joy.

my spirit could no longer be contained
my soul had to surface
the connection was too strong to hold back
I learned the simplest of lessons
the eternal joy of the life force given to me.

thank you

I laid in the snow under the light of my mother moon
i prayed to her
the wind blew
i was on with the natural world again

I put my intentions into the world

i made an imprint in all 4 directions
i made an offering of 4 coins from my pocket.

the branches of the trees silhouetted the moon vibrantly shining
the wind blowing crisp frigid air 
moving deer grazing
rodents tunneling through the snow.
fluffy clear clouds moving & for a moment the sky cleared
a night rainbow circulated around the moon
how beautiful & still & quiet the planet is at night
in the winter time the sow makes everything quiet.

soft frozen still

how invigorating
how refreshing "

That is one short story version of the kinds of ‘rituals’ if you will, that I am moved to do by my soul and spirit. I worship nature in all aspects of it’s manifestations on our planet. I believe in humanity and our planet. We have to be in touch with our souls and our environment. If we aren’t then we will kill ourselves and our planet. We have to listen to ourselves and each other and the planet as we are always giving away information about our well being. 

We are all growing, creating, and vibrating at every moment. All the time. This is why I understand that every thing has spirit. Everything can absorb energy and has a vibration. We give off energy and a vibration that is specific to our soul. Your spirit, Your soul, is as rare and valuable as gems, crystals, and precious stones. We are a planet with an eco system and an environment as individuals and as a whole. 

Usually I am on the road to some where once a month but lately I’ve been in Detroit reflecting on my life, my career and talents. I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions about who I am, and what I want to do. When most people think about making a living and having life they look to a company or organization for a job or position. I’ve tried to play this game for many years only to find that it was never in my path to work for anyone but myself. This is my path. It is up to me to continue forward to the best of my abilities.

I’ve come face to face with my fear of my path many times this year. I’ve burned sage and sat under the sun accepting the truth of my spirit soul and energies purpose. I am prepared to execute at the highest caliber. I am humbled and motivated by my practice. Creativity and exploration are the only ways we can grow individually to support the community on a global level.  To inspire and be inspired is to remain youthful and unconditionally love all that is around us. I have to get up and speak but I must first find my voice. I have to get up and sing but I am deathly fearful of singing in front of people. 

Slowly but surely I’ve been working on becoming a public figure of peace, love and understanding. An entity that is inclusive leading by example in wellness, unconditional love, and self esteem. To love yourself and the world without a filter over what is acceptable or not. To love the world as it is knowing this love will heal not only yourself but every atom exposed to true love. You achieve true love and unconditional love when you understand how your energy, mind, thoughts, actions and words effect everything around you. 

Lately I’ve noticed slight insecurities in my self talk. The insecurities have not been loud lately because I’ve been working on how I cheer myself on. No matter who you are or what you believe in, you have conversations with yourself. The most important part of these conversations with ourselves is HOW we talk to ourselves. How we talk to ourselves is how we talk to the world. It is how we direct ourselves to behave. First acknowledge these conversations then analyze how you speak to yourself. Once you can do this, you can work on shifting how your days play out. Are you projecting your issues onto others? Do you hold yourself accountable? Do you stand up for yourself when some one bullies you? You can be who ever you want to be so do you choose to take charge of your life and the narrative around your life or do you let your soul and spirit fall into the hands of our control system culture? 

Say FUCK THAT to being a pawn in some skewed life scheme of human robots. Take charge today. Be courageous with your ambitions. If you fail try again. There is no shame in making mistakes or trying something more than once. How you become a professional is through experience, exposure and experimentation. Just let it all go, the judgement, the fear, the negativity, Shed your skin, put a smile on and just go for it. 

The latest full moon energy is about listening to your soul and taking care of your inner flame. There is so much going on around us. Drama, Hate, Fear, Insecurity, The works! You don’t have to tune into that shit. Ask yourself ‘ What do I want to do right now? ‘ and make time for that and communicate with the world that you are not interested in playing into the hype. Your life is not a trend. Your life is not just for the HYPE. You are special. Feed your soul not the collective gut. There is enough of that. 

Take your time. There is no rush outside of the pressure we put on ourselves. We accept other peoples standards all the time and it is time to say NO to outside pressures and energies that do not resonate with what we want for the betterment of our own life. You can be grounded in yourself while remaining open to the world and what it has to offer. You can Center YourSelf with out being self centered. 

If you have recognized patterns in your life that you do not want to continue use this time to create small changes for a big result. You can repeat your patterns or remain stuck focused on the past or you can give yourself a new life with simple changes and focus on what you want to accomplish big picture. Free yourself from the trauma you’ve experienced in life. You don’t have to forget but you can move on and give honor to those experiences instead of letting them hold you back. Let your experiences empower your future and strengthen your present. You are a warrior and part to your own royal family. 

Let the moon energies show us a path to being a warrior and a hero. When we accept that moving on from the past is the only way to harness our inner god then we can become taller than trees and see with the eyes of a soaring eagle. Visualize your bigger picture and plant the seeds for your success. You do not have to subscribe to anything you do not want to any more. People, things, memories that no longer serve you can be released into the world to empower others. Share your story and encourage another to keep going. We need each other as much as we need ourselves. Your shift in energy will give life to yourself and the world with some much needed soul nutrition. Your vibrations and energies are the food of the universe. Let’s remember to resonate on the levels we want to and not what people or the world wants us to. We always have a choice. 

I also want to touch on the Equinox we just experienced on September 23. We had two pretty incredible energy transfers over these past few days. This means it’s officially Fall for us and the other half of the world is entering spring! What a time to be alive. Our energy is shifting completely. The weather will get cooler and soon we will ease into falling leaves then frost and snow for our winter months. This transition of seasons is asking us to stop or slow down for a moment. 

The Mystic Mama Tuning In post about the Equinox asked a lot of vital questions that I would like to share with you. I wrote these questions down in my sketch book and will meditate on them as I move forward. 

Whether we are in the Northern Hemisphere transitioning into Autumn, or in the Southern Hemisphere welcoming Spring, this a sacred time to check in and ask ourselves, what matters most to us? 

Who are we at our core level? And are we living our life in accordance to what we hold most true?

What resonates so strongly in our hearts that it brings tears to our eyes? What is worth living for? What do we want to work toward?

In every moment we have the opportunity to awaken to our life. Our soul is rooting for us to have the courage to become exactly who we are.”

Take time to write your answers down. Take an hour to reflect on all that this year has brought to you, the seeds you’ve planted. 

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