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I Love it Here.

A lot has changed since my last post! Let me give you a quick recap on my life adventures before I get to the advice and style.

I am currently and recently moved into my own studio apartment which is located right by my job. I bit the bullet and practically moved myself in. I am very proud of that. My place is almost ready for company and I will have a little house warming party in the next couple of weeks. Pictures of my place to come.

Next on the list I got a promotion at my job. I started working for Shinola in August and I have already made a switch from the leather factory to the dial printing factory. (We are literally building it from the ground up!)

I am so happy to be a part of this new team. I was very sad to leave the leather factory though. In such short time I have never bonded with as many people as I did there. Never in such short time have I connected so deeply with a person, let alone an entire factory of people. I wish we were all going to my new job. Shinola has brought together a lot of very special people and I am so proud to say I am a part of the community.

I say community with an emphasis. The next thing I will share is a story about a special photo shoot I was invited to. My fellow artisans in the leather factory are quite talented and in their free time are creative! After work on a Friday a couple of us collaborated on a photoshoot. A model, a designer, hair & makeup, and a photographer, met each other at work and created something together.

The photographs came out great. We did something together and for each other. We are going to collaborate again, soon. I have friends here and nothing made me more happy than the result of that day.

I suppose those are all of my major updates in life and it's time to get into what I have been thinking deeply about.

I never understood the phrase actions speak louder than words in a literal sense. For many reasons I completely disagree with what the phrase is trying to say but only because speaking words is an action and it is a powerful one! The action of speaking goes a long way with every situation and speaking as an action is not used as often as it needs to be.

Our ability to communicate with each other globally has become extremely easy because of technology but I fear our face to face interactions are lacking in meaningful expression because of the digital push. Words are interpreted so many different ways based on every one's individual understanding of the same words. This is why the action of speaking is perhaps the most important. Furhter more, just as artists can make people feel as they express, words have the same effect. Language ARTS, CREATIVE writing. Your voice, inflection, tone, etc., carries weight.

One thing I try to do as often as possible is tell people around me how much I care for them. We don't hear it enough. People are afraid to express themselves and let the people in their lives know how they feel.

Tell the people you love that you love them.

I dare you.

Don't get the meaning of love confused for the most common meaning.  Love is a word people don't say enough for the right reasons. It is a complicated word. It is not just a romantic word. Love is a ubiquidous word. It holds no limits. I don't love my mother the same way I love my job, or my cat, or my boyfriend but I love them all.

Choose your words wisely in oder to deliver a clear message but more importantly make sure you are actually saying something. Use your voice. Speak your mind! This is the same concept for your style. Love yourself. Wear what you want. Speak your truth!

The better people are at being themselves, the better the entire world is.

My look this week should kick us right into fall. I went with a more country look. Combining leather studded boots, mustard pants, and a wool flannel topped with a carhartt beanie. The studded boots are from NYC, the pants AE, wool flannel is from value world and the hat I got from the 2014 Detroit Design Festival opening. Accessorized by vivid green bangles with a matching necklace and tan fingerless biker gloves to give the outfit an extra punch.

This seasons colors are plum and mustard. I wear A LOT of mustard but this outfit has both colors with the leather jacket I chose for when the sun goes down. We all know, living in the midwest, once that sun goes down the temperature does too!

Photos by Melania Plasko and Megan LaCroix.


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