I have sat very quietly and patiently for bout 23 years listening to all the garbage people talk about each other and today it stops. Talk is cheap and it is always on sale. It is free if you talk to to right people about the wrong stuff. I have had enough. 

While people have told me not to get an ego, while people have told me I can’t do this or that because of some bullshit reason, I have been calculating. I have been adding it all up. My threshold has been hit.

Keep other peoples names out of your mouth unless you are helping them. Don’t speak badly about any one or anything you don’t know about. The second you do this is the moment you stop caring about the person you are talking about. 

For some reason people have put me up as a target for sexuality. Great. I will engage in any kind of respectful, insightful, polite, conversation about this. No problem. Just be ready for the realness. I don’t like games.

Do not disrespect me. Yes I have a sexuality. No I don’t want to sleep with you. No I do not hurt people. No I don’t want to talk about it with you. No it is not okay for you to talk about what you assume I do. No it is not okay for you to bring up my history, which you have no knowledge of because you aren’t me or the other person, in public. No you don’t get to treat me any differently. No it is NONE of your business.

Understand that words speak as loud as words and actions. That whole bullshit surrounded by ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is automatically discredited based on that fact. SPEAKING IS AN ACTION. 

Stop exploiting people you call your friends by talking about their lives, relationships and habits. Stop treating other differently based on things you hear. This is the exact reason people are so awful to each other. You speak generally about a group of people or a person and others believe. Then they act. The cycle continues.  

We can’t be ourselves if we are self conscious about who we are. The only reason are self conscious is because we constantly talk about each other and compare each other. Take the pledge to stop judging people for things they have never done to you personally. Take the time to get to know people actually instead of judging them. What you hear about others is most likely not true. Were you even there? Probably not. Things get taken out of context all the time. Have you never watched our media? Do you follow any celebrity? 

WE KNOW THINGS PEOPLE SPEAK ABOUT OTHERS IS NORMALLY NOT TRUE. Stop broadcasting shade and hate. Stop spreading negativity and treating people badly with sources without credibility. 

I am a giver. I am an artist. I am a healer. I inspire people. I am a woman and I demand respect the same way you do. Treat others like you want to be treated. This is the lesson we have been teaching since our eyes opened. If you want to know something about some one just ask them, politely. 

The past is the past. Just because some one did something before doesn’t mean it defines them or it is a habit of theirs. We all do things we aren’t proud of. These decisions are not who you are. Don’t let any one bring you down because they use the past as a refrence. Today is today and yesterday will never come back. Yes History repeats itself but the beauty about being yourself is you have complete control over your own actions! So mind your own business.  

Photos by the one and only PHANTOM DEER.


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