Jetset Mindset.

I recently got home from a 3 week vacation with a couple family members. Not only was it amazing to spend so much time with family members I miss and love but I was able to relax. Traveling by car is absolutely imparative to exploration of our country and your constantly growing mind. I was able to catch up with my friends from Tennessee to do some modeling. Brandon Sharp is the owner and creator of Bogey Life.


Bogey shirts are inspired by American history and icons. When visiting Brandon I was surprised by the historic relevance of Chattanooga, TN. Being from Michigan it is uncommon if not unheard of to go to a Civil War battle area. Every battle is important too. 

One particular place we went called Point Park struck an interest. It's location and height in consideration to military strategy made sense to me. The elevation allowed you to see Tennesee, Alabama and Georgia.  It's also next to the Tennessee River. 

During the American Civil War a battle took place at now called Point Park, formerly called Lookout Mountain,  and is commonly referred to as 'The Battle Above the Clouds'. This battle was won by the Union, lifting confederate control over Chattanooga. 

Why explain any of this? Our history is important. As a culture, a country, a community and an individual. The things in our past are reflections, shadows, mirrors, prints of who and what we are today. Think about how many lives on both sides we lost fighting for liberty. Think of all the families whose lives were changed by this battle and many more. 

We seem to frame our accomplishments in a negative scope. This has to stop. Progress, change, shifts, all of these things take time. Remember learning for the first time? We don't start all knowing, we grow and experience. First you learn the letters, then you learn to read and write, next comes grammar. We develop through time. It is important to keep moving forward. We fight small battles every day. We have to be thankful we aren't experiencing actual war in our country, remember what our wars were faught to prevent and treat every day accordingly. 

There are too many things and people trying to bring everyone down to work in favor of negativity. Smile as you walk by people. Be polite in public places. Lead by example. If you see or hear something that isn't exactly right, ask questions. Try to shed some light on the shadowy spaces of others minds. We all go through it. Teach in life, don't judge. We have to take care of one another becuase no one else is going to do that. Our lives are too precious to be distracted from reality. Love is too real to show only hate. 

I have had it up to here with how stagnant our times are. Hear me out. Please share your ideas. This is all positivity. I will not tolerate any ignorance so if you put yourself on blast prepare to get eaten alive by the social media trolls.

We are ALL entitled to our opinions about anything but let me give you the reality our media will not give you. 

Black people are not bad, violent, thieves or any other negative stereotype because of their skin color. Muslims are not all out to get you or bomb you because of their religion. Not all white people are racist. Not all Christians hate gays. Not all men want to rape you because you are a woman. Not all women want to have sex with you because they dance, strip, or participate in the sex industry. Think about how and why these things are so prevalent in our news papers and main stream media.

One action from one person or a small group of people is not an absolute for every one. In fact bad people come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So stop assuming ideas and associating stereotypes with communities of people or large groups of people or one person. It makes every one look bad and what you think you know is probably 100% wrong. 

I don't know if any one reads any more because videos, titles that tell the whole story, lists, and so much other digital garbage clutter our memory spaces but much love and thank you if your attentnion span is still long enough to read these posts. 


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