It's Time To Reflect

It's time to reflect on your life, your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. 
Take a moment every day to observe yourself.
Who are you?
Who do you aspire to be?
What do you want to accomplish?
What do you want to change?
Make sure you recognize your internal monologue.
Your tone should be one of self care and self love. 
Use a voice of reason in order to uplift yourself. 
Avoid self destructive habits.
Notice how you give yourself feedback and critique. 

This months Power Path monthly forecast gave us a wonderful phrase to meditate on while we reflect on ourselves. 

"There is always enough time"

And there is. 
You have the power to change, learn and grow.
The most critical aspect of accomplishing goals is to persevere with persistence by giving yourself enough time.
When you look at your life as a bigger picture, you realize there's nothing but time.
Especially to develop your ability to adapt and change. 

As you take the time to reflect on yourself as a whole start to plan for your future. 
Start with your goals.
What are they for this year?
How about the net five years?
Now how can you give yourself a timeline with an outline of actions or steps you need to take to accomplish your goals. 
Again remembering "There is always enough time."
Be realistic about what you can accomplish while pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
Do not rush your progress.
Give yourself enough time to succeed while you adapt to your changes. 

Step back when you accomplish something.
Big or small.
Celebrate your progress.
Make sure you give yourself feedback on what you completed.
Did it turn out the way you wanted or planned?
Did you learn the lesson or change the habit?

There is nothing wrong with repetition or creating multiple iterations of your creations.
Some times you need to start completely over.
There is nothing but progress in repeating your steps.
This is how you practice a skill and truly begin to master yourself and your skills. 
You are building mental and physical muscle. 
Keep going. 

Keep assessing yourself for growth, change, evolution, rebirth, and adaptation.
Be aware of your vulnerability as you are malleable when open to change. 
Be cautious of your use on social media.
It can be a hot bed of toxicity, jealousy, comparative thinking, depression, group mentality, and unoriginality. 
These are symptoms you experience when trying to fill a personal void with garbage.
Instead, fill yourself with substance that you can only give yourself through focus and practice.
Following trends are only temporary and not contributing to a healthier sense of self.
You are uniquely you. 
Maintaining your originality and personality is of utmost importance. 
Instead of binge scrolling write down your ideas, draw a picture, read a book, go for a walk, call your grand parents, just do something else. 
Break your cycle.
Create new energy and remember who you are.

While reflecting on yourself and interacting with others be aware that you can be sensitive as you navigate your habits.
Instead of reacting out of emotional triggers, ask yourself why is this person creating an emotional reaction?
Then remind yourself that if you react, instead of respond, you are giving your power away. 
You are giving your power to the person who you allowed to enter your person and what ever past event has triggered you. 
Do not give your past power over you, your present or future. 
Reflect on your past experiences and work on releasing what's had a hold on you unconsciously. 
Now it will have a harder time controlling your emotions and present moment. 

How often are you remembering your past?
Are these memories giving you positive life energy?
Or are they negative energy sucking triggers that do not serve you?
If you wish to release traumas, stress, or anxiety rooted in your past speak aloud or in your mind these words after a negative memory:

" I am in control of my emotions. 
I forgive myself for ___________.
I forgive _______ for ____________.
I release these negative memories and experiences to allow for an empowered future.
I abolish all negative attachments.
I am responsible for how others treat me.
From this moment forward 
I am happily existing in the present. "

What I like to do that is also a powerful way to move forward is write the memory or feeling down on paper and burn it. 
You can recite the words from above while the paper is burning. 
Practice your affirmations by writing your own phrases as well. 

Remind yourself again " There is always enough time. "

Be patient with yourself as you heal from freshly discovered wounds. 
Repeat these activities when and if any of these addressed emotions or memories return. 
Notice how in a few months you no longer remember and these thoughts don't have control over you any more.
You will feel rejuvenated because you know you have the power.
Do not be surprised if some of your relationships with people change as you elevate your frequency. 
A huge part of self reflection is assessing the people you spend time with. 
You will find that many people are not yet ready or willing to change. 
Give yourself the opportunity to create newer more healthy connections with people.
Spending time alone will remind you that you are your best friend.
You will remember how you want to be treated.
You deserve to be around people who uplift you and care about your growth. 

This year I've taken on a new journey while soul searching and starting a new business. 
I've been working to be reborn.
The skills I've learned over the years no longer give me the same life energy. 
I want to learn new skills and build on my experiences.
I've been exploring other possibilities and discovering again what it is I love to do. 
I am no longer the same person I was a year ago.
On the subject of jewelry design and gemstones, attending the  Responsible Jewelry Conference two years in a row has completely changed my life and perspective in conjunction with what I discovered about our fashion industry through fashion revolution.
The information shared has caused me to think differently about how and why I create in the first place. 
The issues are all too connected and exploit human life across the globe while destroying our earth.
I can not contribute to these industries in the same way.
My habits have taken a complete 360 degree flip.
The perspectives I've learned from working under Susan Wheeler Designs, Participating with Fashion Revolution and attending RJC are now being applied to all my design practices. 
Slowly but surely, as I am using up the materials I've accumulated over the years.
I want to do more than include found objects, donated beads, and re-imagined old jewelry.
I don't want to buy from the local shops who hardly understand the power of the stones in their inventory enough to care who made them and how. 
I want to source gemstone beads directly from the people who create them until I can create my own beads with my two hands.
This is an incredible challenge but it's possible. 
My focus is to protect the planet and its people by making specific decisions about where I spend my money.
It is my actions in choosing where to buy my beads from that causes shops to change their sourcing.
This is also to build new skills that keep my hands completely immersed in my creative practice.
Especially when it comes to the materials included in my designs.

When reflecting on self and habits it is imperative we as people make conscious decisions about our lifestyles in the USA.
I started eating differently, thinking about how much I waste and throw away, as well as my shopping habits. 
What can I recycle?
Where do the beads I buy come from?
How can I hold companies accountable for transparency, working conditions and environmental impact?
Who is my money and time supporting?
Who cuts my beads?
Are they in a safe facility?
How can I work directly with artisans who create supplies I design with?
Where can I learn to cut my own beads?

Remember again " There is always enough time. "

Changing your lifestyle is a challenge but it's a journey we all must take.
It starts with working on yourself as a whole. 
The truth is, it's hard work!
It's hard to shift your habits.
It's hard to care about how your actions affect the globe and other people. 
A lot of ethical, environmental, or green lifestyle shifts are associated with socioeconomics and can be incredibly exclusive because they are trend based.
BUT there are simple ways you can contribute to the wellbeing of this earth and enhance your personal health while feeling great about your decisions.
Many of our communities don't have basic human needs but this shift to health and simple lifestyles can have a bigger influence on creating better lives for all. 
It starts with you.
Many of our lives are over complicated to employ corporate greed and we don't even realize it. 
When we make small changes in our personal lives we can make a bigger splash than we ever thought. 
How can you reduce your carbon footprint or shopping habits?
This is a great place to start when beginning your journey of self reflection.  

The reason I bring this up is to show my own self reflection and the time is takes to apply it. 
Most things don't happen over night.
I started my 'ethical' journey in 2014. 
It's taking a lot of time to implement but i've progressed.

I am embarking on a journey to mine for gemstones in the USA.
Craig and I are going to Herkimer, NY to mine for a stone called Herkimer Diamond. 
These are not actual diamonds but they are a fairly rare stone because they are double terminated. 
This is a new perspective on where the materials I admire and use so much come from. 
Extracting stone from the earth is hard work. 
Now I will understand a bit more of the process involved before beads are created or stones are sold in my favorite shops. 

While reflecting on yourself remember you don't need validation from anyone. 
This is self reflection. 
Take the time to discover and remember who you are, not who people want you to be or expect you to be. 
Take a few moments to remember who you were as a kid.
What brought you joy?
Take a trip down memory lane.
Remember what you laughed at, music you listened to, your goals, aspirations, etc.
You may recall traumas or sadness.
If you do, go over the activity from earlier.
Return to this walk down memory lane to recover bits and pieces of who you were before the pain or fear took over.
This will fuel your soul.

When I was a kid I loved being outside. and exploring new places.
I've always collected stones from my adventures.
Both of these things still play a role in my creative expression. 
I loved thinking of different ways to include people in my exploration.
I'd create experiences to share with others.
Now I see how I love to inspire and share. 
Listening to music I used to love reminds me of specific feelings and memories.
This is a fantastic way to remember yourself and get out of the trance that modern pop music puts us into. 
Trying something new is a great way to learn and reflect on yourself. 
Go experience something different and completely out of your comfort zone. 
Stay in the moment while you observe your mind. 
Enjoy Yourself. 
You are alive and learning. 
What a blessing.
How refreshing?

Best of luck!
Citrine Tangerine. 

Be on the look out for my Crystal Reading videos on my youtube channel! I am reading about a very powerful stone of evolution next. It is time that we acquire some of this intense impactive change energy embodied in the Moldavite.


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