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Mining for the first time was incredibly challenging and is one of the most challenging activities i've had the pleasure of experiencing in my life on multiple levels. It challenged me mentally, physically, psychologically, the works. It's back breaking work, especially if you don't understand the mineral deposits on an elemental level.  A lot of hard work goes into finding nothing. Mining for Quartz in upstate New York challenges my idea of what I as an individual am physically capable of. Reality vs. Imagination. Learning from experience. Understanding Geology.

Digging into the earth  and breaking through solid stone requires a certain level of connection with our planet earth that our domesticated minds must deprogram in order to access. In another sense,  mining reminds me of the work I do as an artist and creative. Always working to break into a pocket full of ideas like gemstones, a trillion dollar collection or work of art. A break through moment. But these are not easy to do with your hands and tools. To break into a pocket of Herkimer Diamonds, you need to spend a lot of time chipping away at a very dense rock.
I was obsessed with finding a giant gemstone. So much so I almost missed the amazing smaller ones laying around me, waiting to be discovered. Eagerly moving an impossible material, I was amped going a million miles a hour. The earth and stone  barely budged at my frantic digging. I nearly forgot to enjoy my experience, the environment, the atmosphere, the birds, the bounty, the people.
It's easy to do this in all aspects of our lives. Focusing on the materials things in life, missing the epic journey to a fantastic tale. Some times we get so focused on our expected outcome that we miss the entire experience. Then we become disappointed when life doesn't go the way we expected. We didn't get what we 'Wanted'. That kind of life is set up for failure. Life goes the way it goes. We have to expect nothing and truly live in every moment knowing eventually we will find ourselves happy. Going with the flow. Being grateful the entire time.
Stop and smell the roses. Don't give into stress. There are pockets of gemstones surrounding us daily. Don't get so focused on what you expect that you miss the real opportunity of your life.

Life is full of hidden gems waiting for us to discover.

Where is your next adventure taking you?

I know I'm looking forward to a cali summer escape.

Video of our mining experience on the way. 

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