Uplift Yourself

Positivity. That is all I live for. 

Inspiration. That is all I live for.

Creativity. That is all I live for. 

Some times the negative and soul sucking forces are stronger than I am willing to pay attention to. Some times an ugly gust of energy catches us by surprise. Winter especially brings this out. Rest easy. Don't think too much. Ingulge in your favorite things. Spend some much needed you time. Center yourself but don't forget to share some love.

I would argue some of the realest people live in places where the seasons dance year round. We are multidimensional by force. Most people can't handle it. You have to be versatile. The ability to function in sub zero temperatures is challenging on many levels. The ability to know what comforts people in weather so cold you'll die, is aquired. We have to keep our spirits high and consider that oxygen gets thin from less foliage and thinner air. Stripped of what naturally brings us life and bound by thing that bring us more weight. 

The midwest is a symbol of warmth and comfort because we have to keep warm in the bitter cold. We have to keep smiling. We are a true form of peace and happiness. We witness both death and birth in our landscape every year.

Maintain balance in life and never be consumed by sad or gloomy feelings. We have to understand them instead.  As I have mentioned before winter is the time for internal self improvement. Use this time wisely. 

This winter we have been blessed with more blue skies than gray, despite the bitter cold. We have had a lot of sun during the day and gorgeous sunsets. I know this because I sit at my desk, pressed up to the window and work while the sun warms my space. Winter is a bright and quiet time where we need to find universal peace and understanding. It is not easy to live here. We have to take care of each other, especially in these seasons when the air is so thin it can freeze our warmest places. 

I have been finding, through talks with friends and family, that our childhood is where our deepest desires are hidden. The dreams and aspirations we truly wanted are here. Past the distractions and negative responses we have to see past. Our deepest sense of self comes from our childhood and we should reference it more without dwelling on things. 


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