Grounding With Gratitude - Meditation & Writing Prompt

Welcome to grounding with gratitude. 

This is a special meditation and writing prompt to center your energy on being grateful. When we are grateful, we are appreciative for what we have. This moment of peace and quiet is inspired by the latest feature stone, Smoky Quartz. While recording the Smoky Quartz crystal reading from The Book of Stones, I was reminded of the importance of thanking the universe for all that we have. We are purified and protected by grateful energies. 

What are you grateful for right now?
Let that question permeate in your mind, ask it out loud.

Use your notebook to reflect on just all that you have.
Maybe you are grateful for your life, or some of the people in it. 
Maybe you are grateful for your home or this lovely planet we live on.
In this moment write it all down. 
When you are finished, read what you've wrote aloud. 
You can even record yourself reading it aloud for later use. 
Enjoy the grounding energies of gratitude and elevate your vibrations with love as you shed away all the worries of what you don't have. 
Focus for a while on what you do have. 

We have a lot.
We have enough. 
You are loved.
Thank you for being here.

I am grateful for you. 


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