The Wig, The Bitch, & The Meltdown? More like the break down! Jay Manuel's debut book is Ripe!

Juicier than spilled tea! In more than one way, full of scandals and wisdom for self preservation. But with todays' cancel culture, turning our drama into fiction isn't such a bad idea! I have a few juicy stories I'd love to tell but never want to be a gossip or get too personal. I mean, talking shit about people is so middle school, right? Then again... somethings just need to be said!

The Meltdown: a story of two fashion professionals with two very different talents, approaches, stories, and morals, suddenly meeting then becoming inseparable. Who used who? That's for you to decide. The pair inevitably go on a long profitable journey together creating Model Muse, a reality t.v. contest. The rest is history. 

The Meltdown is a hilarious and creepy look into the world of celebrity ego, reality t.v. competitions, and friendships - which can easily turn to enmity. Who hasn't been fooled by adoration for an idol or gone above and beyond for love? I admire how Jay Manuel shows exactly what it takes to keep an entire crew of people together and how our country's throw away culture manifests in how Celebrity's treat people. 

It is brave for Jay to reveal this much about his experience behind the scenes of ANTM, even if it is all fiction. I felt relieved that he got this off his chest and mind. The book had my attention the whole time. I could not put it down. When I started it, I didn't want to stop reading but also did not want it to end. 

I hope Jay Manuel writes more books. 
Maybe one day he will sign my copy. 
Much Love,



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