Behind the Scenes

Right after the semester came back full force after Thanksgiving an old, young, friend from high school, Ruby, who is currently a freshman in college in New York stopped by Ann Arbor! Ruby and my very close friend Melania who is also one of my class mates, were working on their finals. I tagged along to be with the people I love in the city I love to show them some places to shoot and offer a little bit of my input.  Here are a couple of my behind the scenes shots from the day. You will quickly see how gorgeous Melania is! 

There is no telling the kinds of people you run into while visiting Detroit, that is one of the reasons I love it there. The man included in a couple of these photos was working behind the building that Ruby Melania and I were shooting on. He kept complimenting us, but I think the real compliments go to him on his kind, icy, blue eyes that held an optimistic glow inside. He was a very nice man, I am glad to have met him and hope to run into him again but maybe for some more one on one interactions with better photos on him!

All in all our day was lovely and I know Ruby got some amazing shots. Please check out both of their blogs and stay tuned for more from me!


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