Citrine Tangerine Debut Collection - Wooden Bamboo Motif

Citrine Tangerine Jewelry is made with precious stones and beads from all over the world. I design each piece using color, shape, and pattern then I wrap the beads into vibrant brass wire chains. 

These pieces of jewelry are designed to connect with the wearer, enhancing their personal energy. When you try Citrine jewelry on you fall in love. Then with a closer look you realize the details in every bead are unique just like you! The colors and sparkle of the beads attract attention from a distance.

Our intuition guides us to find the stones we need to enhance our lives. Citrine Tangerine Jewelry comes with a crystal energy reading. Every variety of stone has a different frequency and vibration emitting from its minerals. A crystal energy reading gives you an in depth look into the properties of the stones, symbols, and colors in your piece.

The name Citrine Tangerine is a name I am called by close friends. I decided because the jewelry is so personal, the name of my designs need that element as well. Citrine is a quartz variety stone ranging in soft yellows to deep oranges. It is a stone that harbors no negativity as it's constantly uplifting and inspiring. This is the intention I put into every piece. 

The word Tangerine is about freshness, zest, and vibrant color in your wardrobe as well as your personality. What makes us stand out as individuals is how we express ourselves, inwardly and outwardly. Tangerine encourages us to freely stand out with style. Accessories take your look to the next level. 

Citrine Tangerine is about giving yourself the energy and attention you deserve. Wear these designs everyday for any occasion and you will get the attention and attract the energy you need. 

I'd like to take this time to describe specific details about the beads, materials, and intentions I put into this collection. Starting with the Bamboo necklaces which are 1-6 at

There are a total of 6 Bamboo inspired necklaces in the Citrine Tangerine Debut Collection. These are statement pieces. I imagined these necklaces on runways. I also see them around the waists and necks of edgy fashionistas around the world. The wooden beads are sourced from an etsy shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (how crazy is that? I spent a good chunk of my childhood in Kzoo!) What attracted me to these beads was the wood grain, color, and shape in which they are carved.

With the large size of the beads I saw an opportunity to create epic edgy pieces like nothing I've designed before. A timeless theme in the fashion industry is Big, Bold, Extravagant, & Exaggerated. Lately I've seen giant gowns and mountainous winter coats. These 6 pieces are my contribution to that theme. I can see these pieces worn with those looks. When I think of descriptive words mentioned above, I don't think of nature. So I put that twist into these pieces. The wooden beads remind me of trees and branches that you wear around your neck. 

As far as the glass and gemstone beads are concerned I wanted to balance the wooden beads with a spectrum of color. The colors include red, yellow, gray, blue and green with a touch of orange and pink. The stones I used are Crazy Lace Agate, Aquamarine, and Serpentine. Both the Agate and Aquamarine I sourced from Etsy shops in China. The Serpentine coin beads I found at an amazing bead shop in Seattle called Alexander's Bead Bazaar. One of the necklaces features these gorgeous Abalone & resin beads that send my imagination directly to a tropical beach. I found these beads at Munro Craft Supply in Berkley, MI. Every natural material has a different vibration that resonates with certain aspects of life. This is why I love gemstone beads.

The glass beads are up-cycled from old jewelry & beads given to me over the years. It's so exciting when I get a big bag of assorted jewelry or beads to sort through. I spend hours sorting out all the different shapes and colors. This process brings me so much peace. It's relaxing to see so many colors and shapes. I love looking for patterns and sorting beads out. Once I sort enough of the beads, it's time to design. The faceted tube beads featured on 3 of these  necklaces sparkle brilliantly. The shape is quite unique as well. 


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