People Ask Me All The TIme

What’s your favorite thing you do?

I never have an answer. As far as a favorite medium, I can not pick. I love all the different ways I express myself and have cultivated a plethora of professional skills. All these skills inspire creativity bringing color and vibrance to our lives. Creativity is inherent in the human experience.

I think about that question all the time and I try to answer it but I just can’t! Looking back at my experiences, I can say my favorite aspect of what I do is collaborating with people. No matter the medium or level of creativity, it’s the work that involves others that moves me the most. From music videos to custom wearables, the ability to manifest other people’s vision or create something that makes them feel good is the food of my life force. I would not be where I am today without every soul that I’ve created with. Those projects and pieces are part of who I am. 

What’s my favorite thing I do?
After some long time reflection, my favorite thing I do is work for and with other people. One of the people I've had the privilege of collaborating with is Duane. 

Duane and I have worked together over many years, beginning the day we met. Duane is another multifaceted creative person whose vision is expansive and expressed in any ways. Being around Duane inspires and encourages you to be your most authentic self. That's the reason we collaborate together so well. 

Duane just returned home from a long year in Los Angeles. Returning to the music scene as D313 with a new digital album called DTW2LAX&BACK. This digital album has 9 songs that will get you up on your feet. 

Featured on this album is a song called 'You Got Style'. This is a song Duane and I created an 80's style glamour music video for. Working with Duane is so much fun! The sound of this song is upbeat and makes you want to dance. The lyrics insist you express yourself with fashion, that anyone can do it! That is what I believe in as an artist. Here's the video we created: 


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