Internal Star Power, Crystal Energy, and Applying Yourself

Believe it or not we are all made of the same things deep down.  As animals alive on this miraculous planet we need the same basic things to maintain life. What makes us unique is how all of these elements build and form together as your statuesque being. When it comes down to it, we are all exactly like snow flakes crystalized by the environment. Not one is alike, with intricate inspiring details. Our lives are not commodities to be bought and sold for next to nothing. Our lives are rare and magnificent miraculous phenomenon in our expansive universe. 

All life forms are. 
It's important to acknowledge it.
It's important to know and believe it. 

From plant life to our atmosphere, everything is alive. We are blessed with the ability to perceive these different forms of life with our highly developed senses and consciousness. Every single human life is a miracle. I am here to help us all see it that way. We are made from the energy of the stars, so we are stars ourselves. 

Imagine with me for a moment. Picture the awe inspiring sun. A star that our planet rotates and revolves around in our solar system which is made up of  8 planets. All contribute to balancing our extraterrestrial lives, our sun at the center of it all. It keeps us warm, it gives us energy through solar rays. It helps grow our plant life which brings us oxygen and gives us light; day & night. We have a deep relationship with the sun. Without it, we would not survive. 

The sun in combination with our life elixir, water, is how we ingest nutrients to give us life, keep us growing, and continue to grow. We eat plants grown by the sun. We eat animals which eat plans grown by the sun. Ultimately this means we are eating energy from the sun, our solar systems central star. We are star beings. We are star power. We are managers of planet earth and the protectors of our system in space delicately balanced to maintain our existence. 

We are all miracles when you think about it. No other planet in our solar system has life as developed as ours. We are privileged to be such distinguished life forces. We are all here for different reasons but ultimately it's up to us to realize our individual powers so we can then be a strong team, protecting our lives, our planet, our sun and our solar system. We have to respect ourselves as sun beings that nurture planets, like people, who surround us. It is up to us to express habits that protect and conserve our lives on this beautiful planet that lives to give us life. 

We can not be selfish and self centered. We must have a broad perspective of life and proceed with nature's inherent wisdom. Through nature's wisdom we thrive through adversity. We know after every storm comes a beautiful day or even a rainbow. We know out of death and loss grows life and strength. We know from pain comes pleasure. We know accidents happen and mistakes are made but must hold ourselves accountable and forgive so there will be progress. We know toxins infect and infest when not properly treated. We know with action there is reaction, every cause has effect.  Seasons change, so must we. Our planet's life force, which we have the distinct privilege to life on, is our greatest friend, lover and teacher. It teaches us everything. All of our desires and great life lessons live within our connection to our planet which is connected through the sun to the vast universe we are perpetually hurling through. This philosophy will bring us all together because we are all touching the planet's surface and we are made of the same source of solar rays. 

Nature Scapes such as oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, glaciers, etc. are humbling because of their remarkable bounty, beauty, and our inability to replicate them. We see the great power of nature. Some try to dominate nature, others let it empower and inspire them. In the end we are a force of this great nature and not the other way around.  One of my most favorite ways to connect with the earth and this universe is through stones. I've always felt a deep connection to the earth and stones are it's great translators. Stones have always peaked my interest. It wasn't until a few years ago that I knew of their deeper meanings and importance to connecting us with our planet, ourselves and the universe. 

Let's think about what we are created by on an atomic and molecular level. Atoms are the smallest constituent of matter. Everything is made of atoms. Molecules are atoms bonded together. In a micro to macro comparison not unlike our solar system. The sun is made of atoms and molecules. We are made of atoms and molecules. Deep down everything is connected but manifests differently depending on what elements it's made of. Every item on the planet, in the universe is made of tiny pieces bonded together. 

Stones are a bunch of minerals bonded together and each forms in its own way, even ones of the same variety, just like humans. To our knowledge stones don't hold the same form of consciousness as humans do but they hold something different, a vibration and a frequency that we can tap into. Stones are earthly formations and space formations that astound, inspire and captivate us humans for that reason. Stones speak a subtle language of the earth and space that we as domesticated life forms can feel but are not in touch with. 

Stones are hundreds of thousands of years old and are created out of intense natural ingredients as well as environments. Older civilizations and tribes of people understood this earthly creation and connection. Many believe these stones to be their ancestors and connect them to those times.

Every stone variety comes from a specific region of the world. Some stone varieties are found in many places across the globe and others are only found in one location. Every stone has a different meaning and use for spiritual, physical, and emotional use depending on the region and its people. Every stone can inspire us with natures age old wisdom. 

In a world full of rape culture ( something I know to be way beyond sexual maltreatment and force) and mindless consumerism, can we truly appreciate our earths natural treasures enough to preserve them and receive their inherent wisdom, let alone the power inherent in ourselves? After all we are no different than stones in that we hold the ability to interpret nature's wisdom and we are all valuable for our individual vibration and frequency. 

Are we in fact destroying our worldly treasures by mining for stones, destroying their natural formations for our own profit, personal use and greed? 
There are many countries, landscapes and people that are exploited for their rare gemstones only to benefit the rich and royal. 
Are we taking from the earth its life force for selfish reasons without considering over arching repercussions? 
Is this the same way we take the sparkle and shine away from ourselves as well as others with learned toxic behaviors, mental illness and emotional poison?
Can we not respect the earth and it's splendor by leaving it in tact to share as it is?
Can we truly feel the natural wisdom embedded in stones when human disruption rings through them with our invasive and polluting extraction processes?

These are aspects of humanity and its relationship to the earth I ponder more as I learn more about stones. The most important  aspect to remember is your individuality and the intention you bring to life through your knowledge and perspective. In a world where many have lost sight of the value in all life and this planetary community it's important to remember that by applying your natural wisdom everything you do can have a positive influence and impact on the world. To me, staying informed about the state of our planet's environment is important. How and where your spend your money is important. Learning about what interests you is important.  

Being informed about stones and crystals  helps me tap into universal truths, natural wisdom, and continuously attunes my frequency and vibration to that of love. Understanding crystal energy, frequencies, and vibrations affirms what my creative experiences have taught me. Stones help me share ancient natural wisdom with the world and that in relationship with spreading creative inspiration will heal humanity with self love. You have the power to change yourself and that is proof enough that when you apply yourself anything is possible.


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