Spring Full Moon

Spring is here with a full moon.

This is an incredible time for balancing both your feminine and masculine energy. This balance creates harmony inside your being and out in the world. 

The sun is shifting into full effect through a seasonal change to spring.  The sun is a symbol for masculine energy. 
The same day we see a full moon in the sky and receive her great energy. The moon is a symbol of feminine energy. These two powerful energies are uniting for the impressive influential change we need to grow. Take full advantage of this time. We've been given a growth spurt! Just taking five minutes to reflect on where you want to go will help. 

These two symbols are most vibrant right now in an interesting and inspiring alignment of the sky. 
We look to the sun and moon for answers and protection. 
I often soak my spirit in sun energies and speak my intentions to the mother moon. The important aspect of this illumination is to tap into your focus. Bring it all together with a solid confidence fueled by self love and the ability to transform inspired by creative thinking. 

What an incredible time to sprout those seeds we've planted through the years. 
What an incredible time to come together to build something sturdy for yourself. 
There is no better time than now to come together with all your emotions. 
There is no better time to be yourself, your truest most love filled self.

Embrace your femininity. 
Embrace your masculinity.
Hold them together with joy inwardly and outwardly. 
Allow them to connect and create a new life energy in your heart, in your mind, in your body, in your soul, in your spirit.
A new energy for you to step forward with.  

This sun and moon phenomenon creates a powerful ripple in our vibration that can aide your focused mind in bringing to life your truest intentions. Manifest your dreams by focusing on your deepest desires. Really think about who you are and what you want to accomplish; short and long term. 
Where do you want to go? 
Who do you want to meet? 
Speak your ideas aloud. 
Hold your loved one's hand and take turns speaking your intentions to the sun and moon. 
Write your goals down. 
Speak it out loud twice. 
Do it all day.
At the gym.
While you orgasm.
Hold some crystals.
Eat a delicious meal.
Speak your truths.
Speak your dreams.

Set your intentions and focus on them.
You have the power to create change. 
It starts when you believe in yourself.
It starts when you set your ideas free through speech, writing, and focus. 

One way I've been able to focus on my goals is by stacking two of my favorite gemstones on each other. I have a rutilated smokey citrine point with a piece of moldavite sitting on it. These two crystals are resting in my zen garden and has created an entirely different energy in my work space. 

What I like to do with my crystal collection is read about the specimens in books and online to see what different sources have to say about them. When you learn about the cultural, scientific, geological, and metaphysical properties you can't help but be inspired by the information about these stones. Crystals are powerful because of their ability to inspire us through rare natural formation. It is a spectacular example of natural beauty. I see humanity in these crystals. I am inspired to be better by the meanings behind these stones. They are created by intense natural conditions. Some are Millions of years old. Remarkable! I know they hold our earths most intelligent wisdom. 

When I create a small stack of crystals the energy of the minerals flow into one another. The action of stacking the stones together creates a memory of the intentions I had at the time and reminds me of the meaning each stone holds. I whole heartedly believe in the earthly wisdom of this planetary life force we live on. Crystals are rare and this can also inspire a deeper value in our human life. In a way we are evolved from these simple mineral formations. We are more complicated and developed. We have the ability with a conscious mind to put to action our inspirations. Be it through writing, speaking, doing, our advanced minds exist to create. Crystals inspire us with a love frequency directly from the earth. It is our special talent to put our thoughts to action. 

If you are looking to open your mind to this kind of thinking please go to the "Reading" link at CitrineTangerine.com and look through my favorite books. My favorite book to read about Crystals and Stones is "The Book of Stones".

Have questions? Want to create a custom piece of jewelry? Want to see what colors or crystals are speaking to you and what that may mean? Reach out! Drop a line. I am not only about crystals, I believe humans are more incredible than stones but have been taught a self deprecating way to live life. In my experience a simple honest conversation snaps you right out of the illusions society domesticates us to put in front of our potential. Let's GROW.




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