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Fashion is strange and apparently constantly being manufactured.  Not only are garments being manufactured, but this weird idea about what's in and out is being constructed right before our eyes, then sold to us. Learning about fast fashion and the impact that all garment creation that's in mass production has on our planet flipped my habits right up side down. I used to love to shop at the mall. Stepping into my role as a creative gave me a deeper understanding of just how over produced everything we buy most likely is. It is not the way to go. We ALL have to slow down and think before we buy.  I've tried to keep up as year after year large companies put on collection after collection of ever more intricate, mass produced, and expensive garments. Where does all that shit go and who the fuck is buying it? I stopped shopping with large companies near the end of college 2014. My shopping habits are much less glamourus but I refuse to buy into selfish companies who don't believe in style enough to question the impact or care about the impact it's having on the planet as a whole. I swap clothing, I thrift for clothing, or I go through people's old clothing for my main attire. We have to care more about what we wear and how we financially support brands. 

I say all of this to explain that it takes a lot to inspire me to spend a lot of money on a garment, especially if I don't know who made it. There is just not the right feeling in mass produced fashion. I like the feeling that a creative and happy spirit created what I adorn my precious temple with. Don't get me wrong there are amazing pieces in fast fashion and I love that there are affordable pieces for all occasions created for almost anyone but we can't keep going forward like this.  Change is slow. We have to take steps and a lot of the work is personal and it's about caring about ourselves enough to want to collectively save the planet. Humans may or may not have been harmed in the creation of what you wear and celebrate with as gifts. How can you not feel that energy engraved into every piece? Reconnect with your empathy. We can feel for one another. We CAN understand the impact of trauma and abuse and slavery and oppression as a whole and stop supporting platforms or companies that continuously bring harm to our people and planet. 

We have the power to create change. You have the power to create change. 
If you don't know it or believe it yet, I invite you to celebrate yourself and discover that you are full of potential. Born to create and share. We all want to be around happy, loving, understanding people. We have to be that very person first. When we lead by example we are inspiring the world to do the same. You will start to see the world improve around you when you take actions of self love.

This outfit I am wearing is thrifted, clothing swapped, hand made and shopped in a local fast fashion store. The lesson to learn about fast fashion is not to just buy something you will throw away. While yes companies need to change, having affordable clothing is so important to humanity! We can't not wear clothing. The world will not allow that yet and our climate calls for it. 

Let's start with the thrifted aspect of my latest look. The pants. These babies come from Detroit Clothing Circle in 'Midtown' Detroit. Detroit Clothing Circle, also known as DCC, is a fabulous little shop in Detroit that sells vintage clothing, local designers and small brands. My personal favorite part of DCC is the vintage aspect. I mean, look at these bad ass pants. They are warm as a wool blanket and tough to wear through. I love how to light interacts with the surface as well. It created a fabulous shine that contours my body so perfectly. 

The swapped aspect of my look is the top. I got it from my sister who has recently gone through her closet for outdated pieces that no longer suit her or don't fit. I love this top because of its layers and the colors. The black and white parts of the top are connected but the black top layer is more flowing than the fitted bottom white layer. It pairs well with the leather pants because I can tuck the white layer in and let the black top flow and play with my shape while still shaping my frame.

Who can guess what is hand made? Yes, yes, the body jewel. This piece is fun! It wraps around your neckline, stretching down to your hip and waist line in a leash like design. I found these citrine beads at michaels art store. They have a surprisingly fabulous selection of beads of many varieties. The metal type is brass and each piece of citrine is connected by wrapped brass wire in my signature style. The wire comes from Rio Grande. The design is original to me. I've never seen a piece like this on the market but my body jewels are often inspired by leather harnesses. The idea is that these body adornments are perfect for fashionable wear and more intimate moments. They seamlessly wear from one occasion to another. 

So what about this look did I sell out for? The shoes! You can hardly see them in these pics but I found the most bad ass, ready for anything, booty amplifying pair of wedges at Akira Chicago. Akira is such a fabulously versatile shop and I joy to visit. They have the most with the times style and FAIR prices! (check out their sales!) When I tell you I can do anything in these boots, I mean ANYTHING. I've climbed mud and ice hills with these things on. I highly recommend these things but I am sure they are not available any more. I wear them all the time and they get tons of compliments as well as take your look from casual to fashionable in a snap.

When it comes to make up, I was imagining this outfit for a fall night out to a live performance or a beer garden of some sort. Something with alcohol, colorful lights, and socializing involved. The idea was about amplifying my features for a dark setting. Accentuated and even over stated. The lip is Orange for a bright pop of color to accent the subtle glow of the citrine body jewel and the lights flashing off the leather pants. 


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