We Have The Power To Save The World

But will we do it?

Will we take the small but necessary steps to protect ourselves, our humanity and the planet?

This quarantine time has made me even more grateful for the freedom I have. 
It's made me grateful for hugs, which I dearly miss.
It is also bringing to light just how much power we need to take back in our lives. 
When you have no obligation to anyone for your time or presence, what are you doing with your time?

I am in love with watching people support one another through these times. In the recent past I've felt isolated. I've felt alone. Now I am seeing, in this time of social distancing, people reaching out to make sure I am ok. I am reaching out to others to make sure they are ok. This time away from people and jobs seems like a gift in disguise. 

Take this time to catch up on sleep, shows you've always wanted to watch, books you've let collect dust on the shelves, start our passionate business venture, clear out cluttered spaces, hit that reset button. Let's wipe the slate clean and start over again. Let's recharge and focus on what's truly important in life. 

After listening to folks from Italy warn us here in USA about what happened to the people in their country, it was not hard to make the decision to stay inside for the sake of everyone else. My mother has a compromised immune system and had to flee up north because my father still has to work. His work location  has several confirmed cases. I am wishing my father did not have to work but his job is essential to all of our home lives. I admire him but fear for his health. 

No matter what, it's important in this time to remain optimistic. Find ways to laugh. Make a list of things you are grateful for. Meditate on a bright orb of light above your head, entering your heart and pumping healing energy to your entire anatomy. Charge up your crystals. Test out that make up. Take a bunch of selfies. Just love on yourself. Give you the attention you desperately need. Eat healthy. 

Personally, I've been turning my phone off. I know my family members are safe right now. I dyed my hair dark vibrant blue. Made some brownies with cookies on top and chowed down! ( haven't done that in so long!) This time is also being used to finish up an amazing mini collection with Eiffel Tower charms. These fabulous necklaces are accompanied by matching drawings of the Eiffel Tower in a different season, time of day and environment. Honestly all this self quarantining has made me feel like dancing. I am grateful for the time everyone has to focus on themselves. A major theme of my work is inviting folks to slow down, take a look at the details, see the beauty in all that surrounds us. Discover new admiration of expanding the seconds, minutes, hours and days.  

I made a little play list of some pop music for your listening pleasure if you're into that! Linked below. Enjoy! Friend me on youtube if you feel like it!

Magical March Playlist on Youtube


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