I have nothing but good things to say about this guy right here! I will keep it brief so I don't get all emotional. :P

This is my main man Sam and we met during my Semester in Detroit experience. Sam and I interned for the nonprofit called Neighbors Building Brightmoor on the far west side of Detroit working with kids, playing music and making art all summer. After getting over my shy ways Sam and I quickly developed a relationship that is hard to explain in words but he is cooler than you could even imagine! 

This is a picture of Sam at Heidelberg bar last night with a couple other people from semester in Detroit who I am certain will be highlighted on here in the future. He attacked the jukebox in search of the jams for the crew. If you don't know Sam then you probably don't know behind those glasses is a vision through sound and he is an impressive artist. Not only is he involved in community work but he is one of the most creative people around. If you are intrigued at all check out his project Jack Of All Trades. You will be impressed.

I can honestly say he is one of my best friends and if you don't know him, you should.


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