So I am in a branding and visual identity class for a non profit called Telling It based in Ann Arbor. The program's central focus are at risk youths and they provide a space for kids to express themselves through the arts. They do not advocate for creating a path for the kids but rather for self actualization and empowerment.

That being said in order for us to get the full feeling of Telling It and design them the best logo we attended a session for kids 8-10 years old. Not many kids showed up today because Ann Arbor public schools were closed today for reasons regarding the weather.

We did an activity with the kids involving abstract shapes cut out of construction paper. We started with a piece of colorful paper that we then each took a turn drawing a random line until an abstract shape is made. Once a shape is made we cut them out, arranged a couple of them on another piece of paper and glued them down.


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