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In the era of fast fashion I've discovered a deep connection with a smaller wardrobe that shifts with my body. What the fuck does that mean? It means I have a few solid pieces in my closet that are worn often. It also means my body size ranges. I love pieces that are quality but fit multiple versions of my body, comfortably, because my shape is not rigid like metal. I am solid but squishy. This taught me about wearing pieces more than once. It's also taught me about fashion and the importance of classic garments. Things that are timeless and look good on everyone. Like turtlenecks..

I have this turtleneck that I wear all the time. It's blue and white stripped. The neckline is so cute and there are SO many ways to style it. 

Turtle necks are actually gods gift to fashion. I've recently discovered the fabulousness of a good turtleneck. So this look is a little black dress with a turtleneck underneath featuring one of my harness body jewels. This particular turtleneck I borrowed from my grandmother for a party. In the spirit of fashion, style, and just over all fabulousness, I had to wear it again before I give it back.

This is the make up I wore for this look. It is inspired by Rose Quartz.

I love a soft pink/muted lip color. A dash of sparkle never hurt anyone. 

The story behind this dress is pretty cool. I was doing a sample sale with Popup Toko Toko in the art district of Los Angeles. I'd love to do another one of those!! The founders of this lovely event gave this dress to me randomly during the event. It was the nicest gesture. I wear it all the time and it is a perfect little black dress. 

This is the whole look. I found these boots in Chicago at a DSW.
If I could wear them every day I would  
This is one of my favorite pieces of body jewelry. It is perfect for everyday wear.
The center piece is a glazed ceramic scarab bead dangle.

When I began designing body jewels I was initially inspired by leather harnesses. These pieces are super versatile but their conception is from a sexy place. These pieces are great to wear over clothes but they are perfect for nudity. You feel a deeper connection with the body jewel and you feel like a freeking goddess. 
I edited the background/frame of this picture to be a photo
I took the elements from this look laying on the ground. 

Can you tell that I am synchronizing the color forecast with my
styling? Be on the lookout for that in my other looks too. :D

I don't care much for make up. When I do wear it, I like to feel pretty and girlie. My go to make up is lip gloss and mascara but when I've got an extra second I love to add a pop of pink to either my lips or eye lids. 
I love soft/subtle make up. It's like soft pink tint.

These rings are not yet available but aren't they cute?
Rhodochrosite Heart Rings. *Swoon*


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